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I've recently been diagnosed with IBS. I've had severe upper left quadrant abdominal pain for several months now and have been taking tylenol #4 which helps some but does not keep the constant pain at bay. After suggesting anti-depressants and then anti-anxiety meds, to which I said no, the gastro prescribed bentyl for my IBS. Several days on this resulted in no change in symptoms. Just aggravated my hyperthyroid symptoms.

I have no change in bowel habits. Most people would envy my regularity and cosistency. I have no change in pain level that seems to be related to either eating or bm's. I have no nausea. I have absolutely no symptoms of a gastrointestinal disorder whatseover. However I am now told I have IBS.
I was scheduled for an endoscope and colonoscopy last week for which the gastro's reasoning was "well, after all, you are almost 50". All prepped, ready to go, iv in and then the anesthesologist freaked when he found out I'm hyperthyroid and refused to go thru with the procedure. I was sent home with instructions to see my gp.

As mentioned above, I am hyperthyroid. An extremely rare form that doesn't have a really good treatment. I also have chronic renal tubular acidosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and have had a recent drop in kidney function all of which are still awaiting treatment. My g/b is functioning quite well with an EF of 90% and a CT of the abdomen shows no abnormalities of the colon, perhaps mild thickening of the gastric mucosa and 2 cysts within the spleen.

Anyone else around here been diagnosed with IBS based solely on left upper quadrant abdominal pain? I'm getting frustrated here.