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Ok to start this off i will start by saying that i am 35 i have always dealt with constipation, I have 4 children as well. About 2 years ago i got divorce and meet someone new and it has been really stressful. Anyway i was having occasional bleeding when wiping and some mucous and went to the dr. done stool sample came back fine and done blood work and came back fine said was hemorriods that was in oct 2006, well it has been more on than off until about 2 months ago, when i go to the bathroom and strain before i even have a bm i can wipe bright red blood, mucus and pus almost everytime.It is also on my stool. I have had approx. 3 times loose stool that i could barely make it to the toliet, but that is over months. My stool seem normal in color and shape i guess since this has been ongoing. Anyway went to differnet doctor on 1 month ago and done rectal exam and said IBS and gave me bentyl and flagyl and someother med for infection. Told me to drink water eat fiber which i have done both and stopped soda. Ok still the same went to another doctor said done rectal exam, blood work for anemia that came back fine and said since i have dealt with this so long that i should see a GI doctor.Gave me anucort suppositories which have not helped. Made an appointment have to wait 1 month before i can get in to doctor and then more time for colonoscopy if he suggest that. I also have some pain on my left side feels like maybe inflamed.Have had real bad gas pains on my left side on occassion. No weight loss! Do not lose alot of blood! Bad smell and gassy, might be from more fiber and change in diet? I was wondering if anyone has had these symptoms i have been on this computer on every website possible now i thought i would ask other people that might have issues! Thanks