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A diet for GERD, ulcers, gastritis didn't make me feel much better. I eventually adopted a combination of a GERD diet and a gallbladder diet. I find that any fat I eat will trigger an "attack." I stick mostly to bland foods. I can eat acidic things like pickles and tomato-based foods with no problems at all, so it makes me wonder whether it really is gastritis. I'd think those things would really hurt me.

When they did the endoscopy, as soon as it was over he said I had some irritation in my stomach and it was red. He immediately said that I should have a HIDA scan to find the cause of my pain. My father was there, too, and we both walked away with the impression that my stomach wasn't the root of all my pain, that things looked alright, albeit a little red. The doctor really acted like my stomach was essentially fine, just very slightly irritated. So I have a hard time believing that all the pain I'm in is caused by that. But, if the gallbladder scan comes back alright, I guess I'm safe to assume that gastritis is my ailment.

I was on Prilosec 20 mg a day for 10 days. Then Nexium 40 mg for about a week, then they bumped it to 40 mg twice per day for another week. No change. Now I'm on Protonix 40 mg twice per day. I also take 20 to 40 mg of Bentyl a half hour before I eat.

I'm losing lots of weight. 10 pounds in 3 weeks because most everything with fat or flavor or calories hurts my stomach. I'm frustrated, and the pain is truly constant. It's making me somewhat crazy.