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Michael, I suggest calling your doctor's office and asking what the percentage was. They consider abnormal gallbladder function to be below 35%. Anything below 35% warrants surgical removal of the gallbladder.

Not everyone has classic gallbladder symptoms. Some people can have pain that is more constant. I've read many stories of people who had pain all the time. I've heard other people are relatively fine, despite a low functioning gallbladder. My doctor believes my gallbladder is to blame, and I'll tell you right now before I started on Protonix twice per day and Bentyl 4 times per day, I had pain all the time. Now I have discomfort all the time, but not terrible pain. Not everyone experiences the same exact symptoms.

I truly get the impression that you should be seeking a second opinion here. Unless there are major details that you're leaving out, it seems very odd to me that they would conclude that your gallbladder isn't working properly, and then not do anything about it.