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Got my HIDA results and my gb is functioning at 50%. My GI told me today that she still believes my problem is my gb though. The endoscopy did not find any abnormal results, and the redness and irritation they found in my stomach she said is so minor that it would not cause the pain I'm in.

Main complaint is burning in epigastric (mid-upper) area, between sternum and belly button. I have a very tender epigastric region when you push down on it, and the same pain in the right upper quadrant when you apply pressure. It's mostly a painful burning feeling. I have had 4 "attacks" that have come after a fatty meal (one of which was simply a low fat muffin with a small amount of margerine on it). They first thought gastritis or ulcer, but I have neither. Also, they immediately put me on 80 mg Nexium and Bentyl, and put me on a GERD and gastritis and ulcer diet. It did not help. I do have relief from the Bentyl. The only foods I can tolerate without pain is a virtually fat free diet. I seem to be fine eating acidic foods, such as tomatoes and pickles. I can handle dairy, so long as it is very low fat or fat free. Any fat puts me in pain.

She believes that my gallbladder is starting to show signs of disease. That perhaps a few months down the line, my HIDA results would be much lower. She says it could be the beginning of a low-functioning gallbladder that is just in the beginning phases of disease. She says it could also be that my gb muscles are not working quite right, and while it may empty alright, it will have spasms that cause severe pain.

Right now she has me on 40 mg of Protonix twice per day, and 40 mg of Benty 3 times per day. The problem is that the Protonix gives me diarrhea, though I am starting to tolerate that better. The Bentyl, conversely, gives me constipation. So, my bowels are a bit off, but only since I started these meds. Prior to that I had no bowel disturbance except that during the last month prior to stopping eating fats and starting these meds, my stool was a lot more yellowish than it ordinarily was.

I'm frustrated because she is changing the Bentyl to something a little stronger (starts with an L I think, I will pick it up tomorrow), and wants me to stay on the Protonix and keep a low fat diet until 12/11. At that point I have an appt. with her colleague. (She is about to give birth and will be on leave by then). Her findings are gb. She's hoping that after we rule out all of these issues and try different meds, that a surgeon will agree with her findings and order surgery.

My fear is that what if it isn't my gb? What if she is wrong? Or what if it is gb, and I'm waiting now an additional 2 weeks before I even get the referral to a surgeon? I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks on this low fat diet. I've gone from 118 to 108. I just feel generally unwell.

I am presenting somewhat atypically. Mostly I have a chronic burning that is not explained. When the 4 attacks have come I do have intense upper ab pain on both the left and right sides. However, like i said the only part of my stomach that is painful upon palpation is the epigastric area and the upper right quadrant.

I'm just feeling frustrated. I'm glad she doesn't think it's in my head. But I also don't want her to be hasty in her findings. She keeps saying that her years of experience and her gut both tell her that it's my gb though.

Thanks for listening. I'm just really frustrated and...honestly...want to eat.a