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Had an edoscopy and 2 ultrasounds, all normal. Blood work including pancreatic and liver enzymes came back normal 3 times since 11/11. HIDA scan showed 50% EF.

Since the 11th of November I've had frequent painful attacks following fattening foods. I am on Protonix and Bentyl and it's helping. My pain is always a terrible, horrendous burning in my upper abdomen. They said I have no GERD, no ulcers, etc. after the endoscopy. I also have pain on both the right upper quadrant beneath my ribs and lately on the left side as well, up high under the ribs. The past few days I had a few spells where it hurt in my lower left chest area, especially when I would take a deep breath. It was odd, like I had been kicked in the ribs.

The GI thinks it's my gb based on symptoms and based on the fact that other tests have come back ok. She thinks I'm in the beginning stages of GB disease and starting to lose function of my gb, but since I'm on the beginning phases it's not yet registering on the HIDA. I follow up with her on the 11th of Dec to see how things are going and what we will do next.

My concern is the upper left pain. It makes me worry about my pancreas, though the blood tests were okay. Should I have concerns about it? Does anyone have any ideas they can share with me?