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Hi Bcruth5,

Thanks for your post. I tried Elavil a number of years ago along with various other medicines for IBS-D. Here are my notes on Elavil:

"This worked much better than Librax, but made me very tired. I took it a little over a year until its effect began to wear off. It gave me excessive gas, but this was controlled when I took Elavil with Bentyl. Bentyl - This did not work by itself, but was very helpful in reducing gas when I took Elavil."

As you can see I took notes on each of the medications I took for IBS-D. This way I could remember which medicines I took and if I went to another doctor I could give him a list of all the medications I tried.

The book by Dr. Salt gives a long list of medicines to try for IBS. I tried a lot of them, but none worked well for me, especially over a long period. The medicine that worked best over a long time was Librax. It did make me a bit tired, but not as bad as other medicines. Over time, it became less effective although it still provided some much-needed relief.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.