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I've been diagnosed with diarrhea predominant IBS. The symptoms began 9 years ago, after I stopped taking MS Contin for pain. I am now unable to stop having diarrhea on a daily basis although I have tried immodium, codeine, tincture of opium, bentyl, antibiotics, lotronex, etc. Along with the diarrhea, which I have both day and night, I also suffer from severe sweating, neuropathy, runny nose, and itching. I have tried allergy meds, but they do not help and my doctors believe I have Fibromyalgia as well. I have had all the medical tests and am currently seeing a supposedly well-known GI specialst who will not ask other doctors for advice. He wrote to me that "there is no **** for doctors." I have begged him to ask around as I have been virtually housebound for the past 6 months. He just says he has no anwers. I have tried other GI doctors in the area, but they are just as arrogant. In the past 9 years I have also tried accupunture, therapy, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, special diets, etc. I still meditate and do yoga daily along with relaxation therapy. If anyone out there has any ideas or has had similar problems, please let me know. I have a child at home and one in college and need to get my life back. Thanks.