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I've posted here about this quite a bit, but not lately.

Back story:
October 4th we went on vacation for 6 days. I know I had been experiencing some mild indigestion at that time because I packed a bottle of Tums to bring with me. We ate out every night and I ended up needing some Tums at bedtime. Nothing too serious.

November 1st or so or so I started to feel worried I may have an ulcer. Tums no longer helped but Rolaids did. Started on Prilosec OTC but it made no difference.

November 15th-ish: Had a terrible night. After eating some chicken wings I had the worst indigestion you can imagine. Awful pain. Also had upper right quadrant pain that extended to my back. It started around 7pm and lasted 10 hours. I couldn't walk, stand, etc. I couldn't talk. I wanted to go to the ER but I truly and honestly believed I would die if I tried to move. The next day I went to the doctor and they suspected ulcer. She referred me immediately to a GI.

Between then and Christmas time I had 2 more attacks like that one. Both sent me to the ER and both times they found nothing wrong but gave me morphine. Between the ER and the GI, between mid November and the end of 07 I had a few ultrasounds, a CT Scan, an upper endoscopy, blood work and a HIDA scan. HIDA results are questionable. They told me at the hospital that the % was 33. But then the doctor's office the next day told me it was 51%. I don't understand how or why and no one could tell me for sure what the discrepancy was. 2 people read it and had 2 results, and the higher one is the one that was officially written up. The doctor believed regardless of results that I have chronic cholecystitis (GB inflammation that causes chronic indigestion). However, she then went on maternity leave to have her baby, and I saw her partner. He said no, not GB, but that I'm a woman and prone to stress and it's all in my head. Said I needed some antidepressants. Said my tests are all fine, and it's stress related. I told him I am doing well in life and have no stress. He didn't believe me and sent me on my way. WT?!?!

So now I haven't seen a doctor since around the 20th of December. I was so angry that I just left his office and never went back. I have an appt. at a new GI during the first week of March. I currently take Protonix twice per day and Bentyl 20 mg three times per day. I have gone from a small 120 pounds to 101 pounds since mid-November.

I have chronic indigestion. No gastritis or GERD or ulcer though according to the endoscopy. I cannot (and I mean strongly cannot) eat fats. I can have very, very lowfat meals (I can eat grilled or baked boneless, skinless chicken breast for instance that is virtually fat free). I cannot eat any sweets, no red meats, no pork, no dairy, etc. I use all fresh veggies now for cooking and eat lots of pastas and that sort of thing. If I eat fat I am in terrible pain. If I don't eat fat I'm in mild constant pain, but it's a pain I can live with. I've been on the meds 3 months and no change has occurred. I had a bite of my fiancee's hamburger the other day and was in awful pain. I am very frustrated and don't know what to do. I'm wasting away. And I'm just tired and not feeling well all the time.

My guesses? Cholecystitis or non-ulcer dyspepsia. I don't have RUQ pain unless I overdose on fats, which obviously I don't do, so mostly I don't have that pain because I'm eating healthy. However, you can push all over my stomach and I'm fine, but you push below my right rib and it's often very tender. However, I'd like to also check out slow gastric emptying, because that can cause indigestion. I'd also like to check out the possibility of parasitic infections which, I've read, can reek bizarre amounts of havoc on your body. I don't have any other ideas besides that though.

Oh, and in terms of bowel changes, only one to report. My stool has been more yellow since this happened. And when I have a bad episode of pain I often have yellow diarrhea the following day. Luckily though, diet controls those bad episodes.

I just found some relief with decaf green tea with mint. I drink it and for a few hours afterward my tummy feels pretty good. I have ordered some George's Aloe Vera Juice. Supposedly 2 ounces per day also helps the digestive system. I am looking for odorless garlic pills, as they supposedly help as well. I don't know what else to do??

I'm hoping this new doc is good. I am desperate. I don't know where to turn.

Does anyone have anything similar going on with their body? Or any suggestions?
April and Zoe,

I feel like we should start a club with all of our undiagnosed symptoms and problems that have eluded explanation.

April-- I'm curious to know how the Aloe works out for you. I've heard it can be very helpful. I don't know about garlic, but I tried ginger capsules for a while and they didn't seem to help much. It sounds like the Bentyl isn't helping you much anymore, huh? Also like you, April, I don't eat fatty meals-- never more than 10 grams in a meal (gee that kinda sounds like a lot, but I can handle that and I know I ate more than that before), usually around 7-8 grams. So like you said, it probably keeps the URQ pain at bay. But the description of being balled up on the floor in agony after eating fatty foods in the past-- that hasn't happened to me since back when I ate rich, fatty foods-- A YEAR AGO! Anyway, I really, really hope your new GI doc is helpful. How totally crazy to have one doc think you were having gb troubles, and another one have such a drastically different opinion. It burns me up thinking that he told you you had "stress and depression"! One of the nice things a family friend of our's told me (who's an internal medicine doc) is that, "You're symptoms are real...don't let anyone tell you they're in your head." Sadly, I feel like another friend of mine who is a doc DOES think I'm just loco/depressed/stressed/whatever, and it hurts my feelings a lot.

As for whether it could be non ulcer dyspepsia-- who the hell knows? If the new doc suggests that, make sure to tell him that what you've been doing so far hasn't worked for you and that you need a new course of action. Maybe you'll get a GI who is back to thinking it's your gb. I'd ask for a new HIDA scan if possible. You should also get a test for delayed gastric emptying-- I did last week and mine was normal. But it FEELS like there's some delayed emptying going on. About the parasites-- I'm going to ask to be checked for that too-- two friends suggested I look into that-- just another avenue to go down. The more they rule these things out, the more comfortable I'll feel with getting gb surgery. But like Zoe said, she's not eve sure it's made a difference as she hasn't had classic symptoms-- some of mine are, some aren't....it's a total crapshoot.

Have you thought about trying a homeopathic doctor or acupuncture? Acu didn't help me much, but a girlfriend of mine with IBS said it helped her. And acu doc may have some suggestions of herbs that might help. I was using an herbal formula called "Iberogast" that you can get on the site Seacoast Vitamins. It has a lot of herbs that are known to help digestion....my old GI doc used to carry it in his office. It's effectiveness is actually similar to that of other prokinetci drugst like cisapride or reglan. It hasn't helped me much, but then again, gastric emptying isn't my problem.....

And now ZoeGirl-- I hope your gynelogical issues aren't being too much of a nuisance. I'm glad that stopping miralax and benefiber have helped you and that you have pain less frequently. There's nothign worse than nausea in my opinion! Has the birth control pill helped you at all? I thought maybe it would help me (wondered if hormones were causing my stomach to be jacked up), but I'm on month 3 of ortho tricyclen-low and all it seems to do is cause MORE bleeding...uggh!

That's all for now...I gotta go give a training...oh joy! :) Later girls....

take care, ladies