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[QUOTE=smitd03;3447851]I have developed some type of digestive dysfunction following gall bladder removal 10 years ago. In addition, my appendix ruptired 2 years, so I am just this side of a digestive "mess". My most major complaint is a bloated, full feeling for hours after eating. I don't eat very much, but feel extremely full afterwards. I will have a small lunch around noon (stuffed afterwards naturally) and will feel full (sometimes kind of an upset stomach feeling) until nine or ten at night. Sometimes I may not be able to eat again until the next day. Had just about every GI test there is; results all negative. At 5'8" and 103 lbs, I would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks!

I can relate, smitdo03. I do know that I have a low functioning gallbladder as shown by a HIDA scan I had done three weeks ago. But one of my biggest complaints is feeling full and bloated for so long after I've eaten no more than 300-400 calories. It's centered in my upper ab region. I've had this problem for a year, but I swear, it got worse after a 6 week course of Protonix. The doctors just tell me that I have non ulcer dyspepsia. They have dismissed my gb as the cause of my symptoms, but I don't know.

Has your doctor ever mentioned non ulcer dyspepsia-- which is essentially indigestion of a non-organic cause, hence why your tests would show up normal. Have you had a gastric emptying test? Perhaps food is staying in your stomach for too long-- have they prescribed you Reglan to help with the fullness and nausea? (Though I heard it's a crappy drug with lots of side effects). Or maybe an anti-spasmodic such as Levsin or Bentyl? Worth a try....

I can relate to your frustrations. I eat small, low fat meals and STILL have problems! not awful, mind you, but I wonder how much worse they'd be if I did eat heavier, richer, larger portions. You may want to consider trying a well studied herbal supplement called Iberogast. It didn't do much for me, but it's worth a shot. Look it up online and see what you think.

Good luck! I hope you can find some answers....otherwise, I'd recommend seeing a Homepathic doctor or an acupuncturist. These are the roads I'm going down now that the docs have told me i have non ulcer dyspepsia-- because not much can be done for that with traditional medicine-- other than the things you're probably already doing.....