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Well.... here is what is going on with me currently.

I got off the prednisone 2 weeks ago. I also have been off the Azulfidine since a week or two before that. I saw the GI a few days ago & she feels since the LAST colonoscopy came back clear, (focal active colitis again, but no crypt distortion this time like last time), she believes that I had infectious colitis that has since caused IBS. I am still not sure of this dx, but am hoping she is correct. I think the problem with me & my health issues is that there are so many things going on. She does believe my kidney infection last year caused my body to shock & "freak out" (as I call it).

I asked her about the small bowel follow through results & she said someone must've made a mistake on it because she didn't see anything on the c-scope at the cecum or ileum. (I did not argue with her that the results said "possibly in the small bowel loops overlaying the cecum & ileum). I do believe that there was NOT a mistake, though, since the radiologist talked to me about it & the technologist also. Besides, the ER doc looked at the films (or files or whatever) & said that seems to be Crohn's.

So, I go back to see the GI in September & call her with any problems. The issue I have is this: How do I know if I am having problems? I feel like I am having problems now, but since she thinks I am fine, with just IBS, what would constitute a call?

My current symptoms (GI symptoms, that is) include blood in the stool again daily (GI said it is probably due to the small internal 'roids she found during the scope – funny part is that I didn't have any blood whatsoever until I stopped taking the prednisone & azulfidine....), and I am still going 2-4 times a day. It has hardened up, though, hard little balls again. About a week after the prednisone, it hardened up. Currently I am having this yellow jelly-like substance in my stool as well. I had a lot of mucus before, and maybe this is also mucus, but (excuse me for this, I know, TMI) instead of slimy like snot, this is more like jelly or jello. It almost looks like fat. Right before this jelly stuff started, I had 2 days of green slimy mucus. I have lost a few more pounds again, too. Nothing super concerning, though. I have been nauseated & the gurgling is getting louder again. I am also EXTREMELY tired, but the GI believes that is due to coming off the prednisone still.

The GI said to get off all my medications (I am still on Lortab for pain though) & she thinks the meds were not helping or where a problem to my body or something. I don't know.... She did prescribe me Bentyl for cramping. I haven't filled it yet.

I have switched my primary care physician to the osteopath I see for my rib & hip pain. He believes that the pain is related to my GI issue still & I do think he still thinks it's something beyond IBS. I have since found out he has Crohn's, so I think if I do have CD, he will be of great help to me. I see him 2 weeks from Monday so he can go over all my medical history since before I just saw him for my muscle/bone issues.... I will post after I talk with him. I am curious what he has to say. He's a great guy & I do believe he will be of great help with my problems.

My other issues are going to be resolved, I think. I finally got to see the ENT. Had a hearing test, too. I guess my left ear has problems with low sounds & this is normal with fluid in the ear as I have. The ENT wants to put a tube in my ear & also do a nasal endoscopy. He was so surprised that the prednisone did not fix the fluid problem, that is normally the last result medication, but since it didn't work he thinks there may be polyps or something that are keeping that fluid there. I am waiting to hear back on when exactly the surgery will be. I can't wait to get it fixed. I am hoping it will fix my migraines, dizziness & balance issues as well as that muffled feeling.

My female cycle seems back to normal. At least something seems to be working right. I should know in the next week or so if it still is. :)

I am having some symptoms of an UTI, so I am going to do an at home test to check that out, but that's about the extent of what is going on with me now

Hope you both are feeling well.;)

BTW, my osteo is sending me to another osteo about my hip & rib pain to see what she thinks & if her manipulation, which is different style than his, will help since his didn't. (He had also tried an injection in my hip flexor, but that didn't help either.)