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Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for all the support and understanding you have given me. It amazes me that you "understand"! I guess I never thought of immodium. I have been taking bentyl but it really isn't doing much. I feel like my stomach is in a constant grumble. I'll give it a try!

My fentanyl should have kicked in last Saturday evening. I'm now wondering if that is what is causing my stomach problems?! Maybe it is a reaction. I'll have to look it up.

Support: I have been reaching out as much as I possibly can. Talking about it helps but I still cry myself to sleep knowing she is gone. I am blessed to have a wonderful church, pastor, husband and kids. I have 4 boys and they are so afraid to talk to me about "nana" becasue they don't want me to cry. I hate that I'm not the strong one.

Anyway, thank you again! I'm sorry about your mother-in-law too. I think it's neat that there are people in this world who actually DO love and adore their MIL'S.