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I have herniations at L3 through L5 with a previous surgery at L5 in 2003. I've been dealing with herniations at L3-L5 since Dec 2006. I have been treated for irritable bowel syndrome before but always found that by increasing my fiber intake, eating healthy, and getting my thyroid disease treated, all my bowel problems resolved. Now however, something is definitely going on with my bowels. I've had a colonoscopy which was fine. About 3 months ago I went to my GP. She prescribe Bentyl which I believe is used to reduce muscle spasms in the bowel. I'm on a high dose 2x a day plus a double dose of Immodium. I try not to use the Immodium every day unless I know I'm going to have to leave the house and a bathroom may not be easily accessible. But you could almost set a watch to me. If I eat, even if I make sure it's a small meal, I am in the bathroom 20 minutes later. My ortho doc says it isn't related but I am changing doctors soon because on my last appt he told me that appts with me waste his time since I won't let him operate on me. My chiropractor says it is definitely related. He said the next thing could be frequent urination during the night. Since the nerves that are compressed all feed the bowel, I don't see how one wouldn't affect the other.