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I get terribly bloated every time i eat it doesn't matter what or how much i eat. I'm very thin (5'8 105lbs) so I end up looking pregnant. It never goes away but it does get worse at times so bad that it hurts and I can't wear my clothes. I also have severe constipation. Ive had all the tests can't find anything other than some gastritis and inflammation. . My GI sent me to another GI who actually told me there was nothing else he could do for me cause they can't find whats causing the problem. Ive tried everything: probiotics, digestive enzymes, amitizia, bentyl, miralax, herbs, teas, even changed my diet and nothing works. I'm 24 this has been going on about a year and a half now and it is really starting to depress me i've never felt so unattractive. Does anyone have any suggestions at all