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Has anyone tried Bentyl? I went to the gastro doctor yesterday - he said he believed my nausea and hurting in stomach was from IBS. So he prescribed Bentyl. He said I had my gallbladder scanned in Sept. and that he didn't think it would be that. So here I am - I will try this - he said to take with meals --- Any replies would be appreciated!!
Can you buy the mastic gum anywhere or only online? Have you tried the Bentyl? Are the capsules big? I have a hard time swallowing big pills!
I have used Bentyl for IBS and it keeps your bowels from spasming. Years ago I started taking a Magnesium supplement that is an anti-spasm/ cramping mineral that your body needs anyway for enzyme production & calcium absorption. So, I now have less problems with large pills.

I use to have a problem swallowing large pills but I use yogurt mostly when taking large pills.

Yes, you can buy Mastica at some health food stores. The first time I bought it--- it was from a Vitamin Shoppe and they are large capsules.

I think you have an Irritable Stomach -- not an Irritable Bowel....