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I found a tick behind my knee it had bit in = on 5/25 - (Sun). On Wed. I was nauseated - so I went to the doctor - she did a blood test and put me on doxycyline. The blood test came back negative - a week later I went back still nauseated. Further bloodwork showed pyloric in my stomach - I took a 14 treatment of 8 pills per day. On the sat. morning after finishing -my stomach was hurting and still didn't feel good went back and she said the antibiotics probably caused an inflammation in my stomach - gave me nexium - she said if it keeps on probably have to go to the gastro doctor. I did last Thursday he said he thought it was IBS - (I do have that I know) wrote me a prescription for Bentyl. Fri, Sat. Sun totally nauseated from the time I get up until bedtime - it's not just a intermittent thing. It all the time! Today I am just totally nauseated again - I am so tired of this - the doctors just seem to think the IBS - but this nausea is different - It's been going on a month now! When I mention my gallbladder to them - they say well you had that test several months ago - I am just so tired of this!