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Started off feeling really nauseas and explosive diareaha then as the day went on turned into a 102 fever with chills and body aches. The fever lasted 2 1/2 days. continued to feel nausea with tender tummy then got constipated. I went to dr and they felt around and I was tender on my desending bowel I also have tenderness on my upper right hand side when pushing in. I dont have pain unless its pushed on. My fever also is gone. The doctor said it was diverticulitis and gave me flagyl and bentyl. Does this sound like diverticulitis to you??? I am still waitning on the rx to be filled. I dont have the fever anymore but do have a headache,stools are very sticky looking and hard to push out. I still feel nausea but no stomach pain unless I push on it. If it does sound like diverticlitis to you can you tell me your experience with it and how did the medications agree with you?