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I was diagnosed with AR about 6 months ago and currently have been prescribed Nexium and Bentyl for my stomach. I went to the ER shortly before this diagnosis, and I was having espohageal spasms that felt worse than anything I could ever imagine.

Those are gone now, but I still have symptoms of AR from time to time, and the most annoying (read:uncomfortable) is this pain behind my left breast. It is up high, behind the breast, to the left of my nipple. It comes and goes, but it feels like a stabbing or burning pain that occurs for a couple of seconds before it abates. It feels like it is under my ribs, sort of towards my armpit.

When I was at the ER they did a complete cardiac workup on me (chest x-rays, stress test, the works) and found nothing.

When these episodes occur, I typically have this pain 20 times a minute or so, with no regular pattern. Taking the bentyl seems to do nothing.

I think it is GI related somehow, because standing or sitting up seems to help. Mostly I feel this pain while lying down to go to sleep, and if I drink too much of anything it seems to happen more often than not.

I asked the Dr. about it last time, and he didn't seem to overly concerned about it. I would dismiss it but it happens too often and the pain keeps me up at night. It will generally go away in an hour or so whether I do anything or not.

Are there any tests they can run to determine what is causing it, and would an upper GI scoping possibly reveal this?

Some other unusual things have been happening, and I am going to the doctor but I wanted to educate myself first and ask him about the pain, this time pushing the point to ensure that more attention is paid to it.

My 'new' symptoms are:
fluttering feeling just below the breastbone (LES issues maybe?)

sometimes feel spasms in my sides, which someone told me may indicate gall bladder issues?

severe stomach pain if I ingest certain foods that never bothered me before (butter, baked ham to name a few). Someone else suggested that reinforced the gall bladder issue.

Please help educate me. I have dealt with AR since I was a teen, and I am 36 now. I was only diagnosed 6-7 months ago so obviously any treatment has been over the counter meds up until recently. Only recently have the symptoms gotten to be so severe I have involved a Dr.