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Hi Redneon....

First of all, how are you? I just passed my one-year mark for my colon re-section.

This thread is interesting. When I asked my surgeon (after my surgery) if he thought I still had diverticular disease, he said "more than likely." I see him soon and want to request a colonoscopy....just to have a look/see in there.

Anyway, back to your situation re: sucking it up and hanging in there until things are a crisis. I never recognized my symptoms - severe abdominal pain, loose movements, nausea, the feeling that I never completely evacuated, rectal pain, etc. was a result of diverticular disease. After a routine colonoscopy, I was told I had some pockets, but nothing remarkable. Two different gastro docs agreed with me when I told them I felt I had IBS. They both prescribed Bentyl. So, I took Bentyl and Immodium for almost 2 years before all hell broke loose.

Apparently, I was abcessing off and on for quite some time, but the pain became a way of life for me.... I just kept telling everyone I was having a "bad IBS day." when things were bad. While I never had a doc advise that I wait and see, I still feel that one or the other of the gastro specialists should have ordered a CT when I'd complain about my symptoms....but maybe I didn't complain loud enough. Instead, like you, I ended up in the ER with a huge abcess and subsequent surgery.

This disease is scary and I panic any time I have any sort of abdominal pain. Still, like you, I wouldn't hesitate to have surgery again if necessary. They "fixed" me once....and can fix me again if need be.

Take care and don't wait until you're very, very sick! Get yourself to the closest ER when worried. Given our history, I don't think we'll be told to wait and see.