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I have a bit of a problem with people mixing and combining things - one, it's a pain in the butt to have to do, and two, how do you know if your getting something that will work for you and/or if it's healthy/dangerous for you?

I had cystic acne all through my late teens and 20's and into my 30's. I've been on every antibiotic, every cream medication. The birth control pill didn't work either but made things worse. Accutane was going to be my last resort until I tried ONE last ditch effort.

My doctor told me about a prescription vitamin called Nicatinomide - under it's generic name, mine are called Niafol tablets. I take them twice a day. They contain a specific amount of zinc, folic acid, and nicatinomide which is B complex that's not available over the counter. This medication is specifically formulated FOR acne suffers and has an anti-inflammatory response and anti-androgen property. THIS CLEARED MY FACE better than ANY oral medication did. I'm 33 and finally have clear skin like normal people. The vitamin (in my case is covered in insurance) costs me $10 a month and it's $25 when not covered by insurance. I highly doubt that the amount people are paying to buy bottles of seperate b tablets, zinc tablets, and so on are costing less than what I pay for these..and the manufacturer has taken care of mixing the proper suppliments at the proper and safe dosage!

I urge any parent to PLEASE try this route with your doctor BEFORE subjecting your kid to potentially harmful (if taken over long periods) oral antibiotics or accutane. (which in my opinion don't do much to solve the problem anyway) My suggestion is to take this vitamin, along with using a prescriptive topical like Differin Gel or Benzaclin gel - and to stress the importance of no picking and no all over foundation/makeup application.

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