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i was wondering if i have a bad immune system or if im just plain unlucky. when i was 16-17 i had to go on antibiotic minocyclin pills and Benzamycin cuz i had bad acne. i continued to use the cream and pills for 2 years straight. i went off the pills finnaly fuz i started having recurrent jock itch. even though i went off the pills i still got frequent jock itch up until i got this one bad case of it almost a year ago that lasted 3 months even with multiple treatments. ive been clear of that ever since until march i discovered i have molluscum contaginsm. i think i might be winning the battle over that for the time being. i now use a clidamycin based Benzaclin acne treatment and was wondering if i should completly go off it altogether or what? i didnt think external antibiotics were that bad for your health. Is my immune system bad? this past winter my family and my woman all got sick with colds and even my mom and dad got the flu and i never got sick which really is confusing considering i get everthing else in the world! i shower once a day, is that 2 much? i stay in the shower for like 30 minutes, is that 2 long? IM GOING CRAZY! im really stressed out over all of this and im even afraid to go outside in fear of getting something else. i really need help, thank you