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ok youve probably seen me post about my condition several times b-4. i got a question on how the hell i got this crap. i think im in control of it mostly now but im afriad to start having sex again thinking my fiance might be a carrier of molluscum even though she has no lesions and im pretty sure shes never had lesions, cuz she shaves down there and ive never seen any odd looking bumps or anthing down there. is it possible for someone to be a carrier and not have lesions?
the last girl i had sex with was like 4 years ago so im pretty darn sure i didnt get it from her. the only way i think i got molluscum is i worked as a busboy at shoneys for a year and a half and have been exposed to a crapload of dirty dishes, napkins, the whole lot. right now i dont have a job cuz i quit cuz of what i have. i know that may sound stupid but i got really depressed and i figured it would get worse if i kept on working. ive been treating my lesions for just over 5 months now and ive had them for a total of 8-9 months, i think. ive havnt had any new lesions for a while. should i be getting better now? ive been taking aldara, vitamins, coral calcium and cycling herbs like atragalus, enchiea, pau'darco, and golden seal root. to boost my immune system. my doc told me average treatment is 1-6 months, is that a fair estimate for someone who doesnt have HIV or any immune deffencicies? the only thing ive been taking that might be suppressing my immune system might be external clindamycin antibiotic acne medicine (Benzaclin). would that suppress my immune system or should i not have to worry about it? ive had recurrent jock itch cuz of antiobiotic pills i used to take for acne but ive havnt had them for about 2 years. i know i worry to much, i get it from my mom lol, but im afraid of going to get a job and realizing im not better yet. plus i was planning to go to college in the spring, but im scared to even go out the door right now. sorry this post is son long. i have a lot of things on my mind.