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I just had my first Intense Pulsed Light treatment yesterday for acne. My derm recommended it for the red spots that I have and it is supposed to shrink the oil glands and get rid of the bacteria. I have tried everything over the past four years, including Accutane, and my acne is not any better. I would say I have moderate acne (not cystic) and it is definitely hormonal also. The treatment itself was not painful for me as I made sure I put on the numbing cream about an hour before. Afterwards it felt like a sunburn and they gave me ice packs to use for a few hours which helped a lot. Today my face looks a little pink, but nothing that makeup can't hide (and I'm an expert at cover-up :) ) I also have been taking minocycline and using BenzaClin which I think I will continue in case of any flaring. I guess I will be getting a treatment once a week for eight weeks. I'm really hopeful that this will work or at least make a major improvement in my acne. Has anyone else out there tried IPL? I would love to know your results.