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I know EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE. I have lots of little bumps that are like there for a month or a month and a half. They turn into these huge zits or even worse cysts on me that scar. I have tried picking at all of them for six years going on seven and that left me with scarring galore, secondary infections, cysts from the picking, and a disorder that needed months of therapy so hmmm don't do that. Then I tried the going to a facialist and GREAT for 60 bucks my face looked AWFUL and she gave me cysts that scarred cause she was picking and prodding at me. Tazorac I tried a year ago when I didn't have NEARLY as many clogged pores that I have now and IT MADE ME BREAK OUT LIKE MAD I mean ugly zits everywhere. However, I wish I could have stayed on it cause I stopped it too soon I think. See I freaked out that my face had a huge zit on every inch so I popped everything on my facer zit clogged pore cyst you name it. I was scab girl for two weeks so I went back to using my BPO. However for 10 weeks my face was clear clear clear. I am so afraid to try it again cause I knew what it did to me before I even knew I had bad clogging. However I had read and had professionals tell me the only way Tazorac, Retin A, or differin is really affective is to use it WITH BPO cause it makes sense that the stuff like Tazorac or Retin A just unclogs the pores and exfoliates your skin but does not KILL the puss or bacteria or treat the infection. I don't know how sensitive you skin is but mine is very very sensitive and I wish I could use both products together but can't. Also you can try glycolic acid with BPO. I would try ABY skin care at [url]http://www.abyskincare.com[/url] for affordable products. I wish I could use their toners but I seem to not be able to use glycolic acid without burning, redness, and blistering. I can't even use a wash with it in it. So right now I use Sal AC cleanser cause BHA's are less irritating then AHA and benzaclin. It worked for me years ago but not right now it has not. I am also on yasmin and hormonal treatment for my acne as well. Hope what i have read and tired can help you. The ABY is the best I have tried and I would use it if I didn't get such irritation. But I am very sensitive and you can be able to use their stuff with NO problem. Mainly you need to think unclog and treat. Just hope you can find a combo that works and does not irritate you.