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Ok I have had OSP, obsessive skin picking disorder for years and have not had a picking spree for over 4 months. I used to PICK EVERY LITTLE BUMP EVERY NIGHT. I was scabby and gross for years. Ok but I am getting into these huge zits that HURT and have a huge head and start to ooze out after a shower or washing. I have had one spread to the next one cause it oozed out and the next day had a zit with two heads and both oozed out so I popped them. I also have found that if I use an extractor or lightly sqeeze the OH MY GOD IT HAS IT'S OWN ZIP CODE they feel so much better almost instantly. I have had some zits that other people begged me to pick. My mom said she even had nightmares about some of my zits (a few months ago I had six HUGE zits the size of dimes on my jaw all right next to eachother). I have even had one pop and ooze when I was making out with my fiance'. OK THIS IS GROSS. Now I don't pick or touch the clogged pores, and cysts which by the way took months of therapy for me to not touch and I DON'T want to. I also don't touch many with a head cause they do subside but I get these HUGE HONKERS that just grow and grow and are not even dome shaped anymore but POINT OUT. So this is what I do and I don't know if this is considerderd "picking". If I get a HUGE one I try hot compressed on it first and lightly rub the top off, sometimes they ooze all the way out this way other times it just gets the head off. If it just keeps oozing pus I lightly sqeeze the sides, I MEAN LIGHTLY and then get kleenexand wipe it, wash it, and put bactine and my benzaclin on it. I have my dad hide my comedone extractor, I got tweezerman's one that has big openings on it, and if he is around I ask him for the devise and I don't sqeeze the leison but rather use that but sometimes he is not around or my zit is oozing right then and now so I squeeze or rather lightley squeeze. If I have a huge one that is like DUDE THIS hurts but won't start oozing after heat but has a huge pus head I then use the extractor on it after hot compresses. When I get ones that are too huge for the extractor I am planning to call my friend who works in a derms office. Now I wish I could leave EVERYTHING ALONE and not pop ANYTHING and I am not overaggerating on these HUGE HONKERS cause my parents, by the way who paid for months of twice weekly therapy on this disorder, agree that these things are HUGE and look like the are about to explode. I get about three of four of these a month. Sorry to be gross here but am I doing the right thing here? Am I still "picking"? Then if I am doing the wrong thing what the HECK am I supposed to do. Sometimes the hot compress thing that my derm tells me to do does not get rid of them but sometimes it does. Also sometimes I don't have 15 minutes or so to wait with a hot towel and this oozing zit to finally stop draining or waiting three days for a darn zit to stop draining is kinda long and frustrating. So what the heck? The derm tells me DON'T pick. So what am I supposed to do with these huge ones, the oozing ones, or the OH MY GOD it hurts and itches SO SO BAD it's driving me crazy zits? Ok I sound gross.