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Ok......well im a male and just turned 19 yrs old. Ive been fightin acne and all the other crap that comes along with it since 8th or 9th grade. Ive been on about every single medication out there. Started on Benzaclin, the retin-A, the Tazorac, then went on oral med Minocycline...........had little to much success with all these. The retin-a and tazorac topical meds are too harsh for my sensitive skin and the minocylcline didnt really help. SO......i went on accutane at the beginning of last SPring. I was like ....WOW.....it was amazing how much it helped clear up my skin. All i would ever do is shave at night.....dry my face....put a little bit of lotion on and go to bed.......it was great. I would get a few white/blackheads here and there, but then again i was having to use a lotion on my face bc the medicine dries your skin out. At the end of the accutane cycle, i started getting more and more white/black heads. So after being off of accutane for about a month, my dermatologist put me back on it for a month........didnt do a whole lot. He said i needed to do more topical stuff.....so he has had me on Rosula face wash....twice daily.......and Finacea face cream for night time use. Along with these topical meds, im back on minocycline. Well yea......i still get white/blackheads on a regular basis and now im starting to get pimples randomly. Its horrible and really taking an emotional toll on me. I know it does for everyone......but for so long.....ive let this get to me.......i regret the last two years of my life bc ive missed out on so much bc i let this **** get the best of me. Im stuck not knowing what to do. Im going to try and get back into the derm. asap, and plead to him to help me. Does anyone have suggestions on medications(topical and oral) which i can take to help? Im on the edge right now and need to rid of this mess. Are there small secrets or tricks to any of this? And can anyone tell me if shaving with an electric shaver is better than using the blades? I thank you very much for all the help and suggestions