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Well, my son has been taking minocin(100 mg 2x day) and applying benzaclin am & pm and using a BP wash, for about 2 months now. Sadly to say, not much improvement. He only has a few active pimples at a time, but they just keep coming. I don't know if he's ever going to improve more than what he has. The red marks from previous outbreaks have faded some, but he keeps getting new ones along with the new pimples. He really doesn't want to do accutane, and I don't want to push him. Anyone have any luck after this long with these meds? I'm beginning to think he will just have to suffer with acne until he outgrows it. I feel so frustrated and discouraged. I just hope he doesn't feel as bad about it as I do. If he does, he's good at hiding it.
sounds like me. i went off my antibiotic after about 3 months because i didn't want to be on one for long term and mysteriously my face cleared a bunch after i stopped taking it. i do like the benzaclin and still use it now because i do believe it helps. i was still getting some things here and there but i am also on bc so that would be my 1 advantage to him. but i know what you mean about the faded marks and the new ones and how its just a whole big cycle and it seems like they never go away. 2 things to try that definately helped also (and these are things I have used for years not like 3 days): Phisoderm 4 way acne cleanser (only use on the real problem areas) and Freeman purifying facial clay masque (if he doesn't have the mask's are only for girls mentality that my bro does). Hope this helped!
I like benzaclin I have tried other BPOs even 10% which is so called stronger and benzaclin works just as well and go figure less irritating. I got the best clearing results when I did these things with the benzaclin, however could not tolerate on of the steps. So it might work well with your son and he will just be adding a few things. I use sal ac cleanser, and used a 5% glycolic acid toner from ABY skincare I got on the internet cause it was really resonable and had simple ingredients, then the benzaclin. I also iced my face twice a day. Adding the BHA and AHA will unclog all his remaining gunk and keep the little clogs from comming. The glycolic made a huge improvement on me and go figure I can't tolerate it but I know so many people who can. I find the benzaclin really only works once the acne is red sore and infected and not really on the clogging and the prevention of clogged pores. I feel if you prevent them, unclog, and clean the bacteria out your acne has real no chance.
I was on Benzaclin and b5 together and found them to be a great combination for almost two years. My body eventually adjusted to the clindimycin and the product stopped working. Check out sunfell's post concerning diet and do a search on b5. The combination of good diet and b5 has been the most consistently beneficial treatment that I've used.