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LOL I had the same problem. I found out the only real way to treat acne is to use the retin a with a bpo not just retin a. My skin is too sensitive for the combo so I use other unclogging things like BHA. Now you can try using a bpo in the morning and see if you can take it. It makes sense, all you are doing is unclogging your pores with retin a not treating them. I got this huge puss purge from Tazorac and I had it happen for about four weeks and had scarring from it and stopped. So I know what you mean from having a retin a making things worse. However, I have seen DRAMATIC results from using retin a with benzaclin on a friend. She has skin that can take a brillo pad as a scrub so if you know your skin can take things and your skin is not at all bothered by the retin a try a 2.5 BPO and see, and perhaps work up to a 5% or even benzaclin like my friend. I mean she was so bad she had accutane in her hands and I told her to try this combo and insist her doc to try it before the tane cause I know it is a protocal for resistant acne.