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topic. i have had *bad* bacne since i was 14. i saw a derm and he was puzzled. he said it didn't look like any acne he'd seen before--hundreds of tiny dark-red bumps all over my upper back and chest...he prescribed Benzaclin, that just dried my skin horribly; it literally felt like sandpaper. didn't get rid of the zits. (just ruined my favorite tank!!)

i also tried nature's cure: pills and spray, 10% BP, neutrogena bodyclear body wash, stridex body wash (currently; seems to be working a tiny bit), stridex pads, oxy pads, tried eliminating fishnets for a while, kiss my face acne gel, and more...

what is the worst is that it is seriously ruining my life...people ask me to go swimming with them, but i don't wanna go to the lake in a t-shirt, that's just...weird.

this has made me so paranoid...when i was with my ex i would feel his back and shoulders just to see if he had bacne too, so i wouldn't be a freak to him.

i have been hearing about head & shoulders for body acne, but my hair is horribly dry and damaged (i used to bleach it every week!!) even so, i use shampoo & conditioner with tea tree oil, which *should* be ok and not cause acne.

can i continue using the tea tree hair products? i always do that before treating my acne...

should i rub the head & shoulders into my skin? sounds a little odd, but i am ready to try just about anything...(you're talking to the chick that put hair bleach on her moles!!)