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i also have a clear face, always have (with the exception of a few whiteheads on my forehead.) but i have had horrible "rackne" and bacne ever since i was 14...

here's what *hasn't* worked for me: stridex pads, pink "drying lotion" stuff, prescription benzaclin, astringent, bodyclear body scrub, clean & clear body wash, various diets (vegetarian, vegan, organic, low-carb, low-sugar, etc. etc. etc.), 10% BP (made me look sunburnt! :eek: ), eliminating fishnet/"non-breathable" clothing, new laundry detergent, stopped taking my anti-depressants (thought acne might be a side effect, BAD idea to ditch the pills...), hell i even stopped wearing a bra for awhile. nothing worked!!

i went to my family physician and he was confused and called it a "rash." he gave me a referral to a derm, who *also* seemed confused. (i have hundreds of tiny red lumps that don't "pop" when you squeeze them...) SO he gave me benzaclin and my back was rough and thick like sandpaper. he told me to only use it once a day, and that *still* didn't do a damn thing. this is so embarrassing, to be a female with a significant other, and tell him i have to keep my shirt on :(. i feel your pain!!

i have been using the stridex body wash, 2% BP cream, and head & shoulders for about 2 weeks...looks a *little* better i guess, but wherever i put the cream my skin is shiny and red like someone stretched saran wrap over it...not fun :(.

i am thinking about going on yasmin; can you take it like you would seasonale, i.e. skip the sugar pills so you only have 4 periods a year?