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My son is using minocycline-100mg twice daily, benzaclin in AM, and a BP wash in AM. He has recently started retin-A micro. He used it every other night for the first 2 weeks, and then starting this past Monday-every night. This is how the derm recommended he use it. His face seemed pretty red today. Should he backoff the RAM a little and leave it off every 3rd night or so? He's breaking out a little more than usual (which we expected), and probably will for another few weeks. How have ya'll used it with success? Will using it less than every night just prolong the initial breakout, or will he still get full benefits from it? Thanks for any suggestions, and btw MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Thanks for all the replies! I was just hoping that with the topical and antibiotic, the breakout from RAM might not be so horrible, and maybe it won't be. But from your responses, I know RAM is no miracle drug. I'm going to try to get him to use it for at least a month to 6 weeks, but if he is still breaking out pretty bad at that time, I'll let him stop with it- it may be too much for his skin with the other meds. The derms office said since he was still breaking out after 2 months with the benzaclin and minocycline, the RAM might give his treatment an added boost to help clear him up even more - time will tell. Thanks again for your personal experiences, and as always - good luck to you all!