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I don't want to bring the bad news, but with taking the "healthy lifestyles" route to cure acne, he'll never get 100% clear unless he NEVER eats anything bad. Prometheus has a long list of no-no's- which i believe to be helpful, but she'll admit if you eat something not so healthy, it'll show up on your face. I find that diet too restricting, so it's not for me, I like to cheat once in a while. ANYWAY, if you break down and go to the dermatologist again, ask for topicals. I read that your son was on oral meds, which tend to take a LONG time and have some icky side effects. I had lots and lots of white heads, cysts, etc ALL OVER MY FACE. I use Tazorac, which is pretty harsh, but I was desperate. I also use Benzaclin. Now my skin looks great... the prescriptions are worth it, even with no insurance. Seeing that acne scars, I wanted it to take care of it before my face was permenantly ice-picked.