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Quote from palantheus:
After having my baby, my skin has broken out in cystic-type acne! I have just weaned the baby and I am now about to start a course of 150 mg of spiro and Ovcon 35 for birth control. Does anyone have experience with either of these treatments either alone or combined? How long until I see improvement? Any response are very much appreciated! My skin's condition has really been depressing for me.

I am currently on 50 mg/day of spiro and am taking Yasmin BC. I was originally on Ovcon 35 with the spiro, but had quite a bit of breakthrough bleeding with it, so my gyno switched me to Yasmin. I've noticed a positive, but gradual result with the spiro. I'm also using Tazorac & Benzaclin at night. The combination is working well for me, and I am almost acne free. I was on Minocin about 6 months ago, and that worked great for me as well, but I was concerned w/ the potential interaction with my BC pills.