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I Have tried many things and some works to some extent, and some not at all...

Differin- made my face to shiney ( did not stay on it long enough to see if it worked)

Clyndiminicin Phosphate- Dried out my skin and made things worse at times

Doxycyclin- worked slighty for very mild acne

Ery-Tab- Worked for a few weeks,,, but then quit,,, works great for some people,, I have got some oily skin.

Benzoil Peroxide- Worked well when acne was moderate

Minocyclin/Dynacin- Worked well, cleared up painful zits on back and neck. Not to much on my face, Dynacin is sopose to work better for some reason, minocyclin is a cheaper version.

Benzaclin (known as clyndoxel in Canada) Works well for oily skin and lots and lots of little bumps. I Still experienced some of those big pimples,, but this worked great for all those small things.

Retin-A Micro ( % 0.1 ) - I am on my 6th week of Retin-A Micro and im just getting over the break out period,,,, it was tough,,, but now it is worth it,,, my complextion is better then it has been in years,, and i am hoping to be completly clear soon,,, Im hoping this is the one that works for me.... I am now starting to become less greasy....

When i first started battling acne i thought that keeping my skin dry 24/7 with those acne pads, and not using moisterizer was the thing i should do,,,just to keep the oil down ,,, but now i know better,,, you might break out at first when moisterizing,,, but your skin gets use to it,, and your breakouts are allot less red and sore, I started using clean and clear moisturizer and my skin liked it at first,, compared to nothing at all,, but it starting drying out my skin,, and it was painful to apply my medicine after,,, i switched to cetiphil non codmegetic, non scented,,,(small green tub),, it works much much better,,, my skin accepts it much easier aswell. I also just purchased an electirc razor so im hoping that is less bothersome to my skin....

if anyone else has a similar experience or is on Retin-A-micro please reply,,, thanks you,,, "gettingclear7"