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I am using my topicals in the following order:

Benzaclin only on active pimples
Aloe gel
Once the gel is completely absorbed I apply Vitamen E cream as my moisturizer

Differin on entire face
Aloe Gel
Once dries Vit E cream

100% aloe gel is wonderful, it completely absorbs, no greasyness to it. Actually it tightens the face a bit, so I doubt you can use that as your sole moisturizer. And because it absorbs so well, I imagine you could use it before your topicals if you like.
Hey GettingClear....my dermatologist just recently put me on the same routine. Benzaclin at night and retina micro during the day. I asked just about every question I could think of concerning my acne. I mentioned the use of moisturizers and he said that only in the severest cases. He said overall for mild to moderate acne moisturizers, toners, astringents are all pretty much useless. They are just products to sell for money. They aren't really necessary at all in most cases. He said to just use smaller amounts of each if excessive drying occurs. :)