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Hey all, first off I'll say hi because I'm new here.

Now to my problem. I'm a 17 year old guy, with moderate acne basically...everywhere. Cheeks, around the mouth a little, jawline, and the forehead. All my zits are fairly small, and dont usually have whiteheads, but of course on occasion I might get some big mamas. I also have quite a few pimples on my chest which I'd reaally like to get rid of before beach season!

I've had acne for about 4 and a half years now, starting back in grade seven (im in grade 11 now). About two years ago I went to my doc, who put me on tetracycline pills, and differin gel, a topical. They worked great, and completely cleared my face. If you looking for an antibiotic, try those two things out. Anyway, eventually I went off the differin accidently for too long, and my acne came back in full force. I tried a couple other topicals, this stuff called benzaclin and another topical i cant remember. They both didnt work at all though...benzaclin made my face dry out like crazy.

After doing some research, I realized antibiotics just delay acne, they dont get rid of it forever, so I decided I'd try and clear my face naturally. But I've had no luck so far! I just want this ***** to go away! I've tried a bunch of facewashes, like nivia, oxy, and...avon I think, but nothing has worked. Right now I'm washing my face twice a day with dove (morning/night) and once with this neutrogena stuff. I forget what its called, its white and starts off really thick, like its a solid, but with water it covers your face with ease. I use this stuff in the middle of the day to get rid of the bit of concealer I use on some parts of my face, and the other crud that comes naturally. I heard washing your face this many times can be bad...but IS it?

Also, my nose gets reaaally oily. Even RIGHT after washing/drying my face, my nose looks way too shiny. By midday somedays, my nose is wet with oil. Any suggestions? I'm gonna go see my doc sometime soon...hopefully he can put me on some planned diet I can stick to. I just cant get myself to change my diet when im just guessing on what will help me.

My diet right now is a lot of carbs (every day i have a bagel, and usually after school too), some vegetables and protein (usually chicken) at dinner, and hardly ever any dairly. I hate milk lol. Sometimes i grab a slice of pizza at lunch or have some chocolate or potato chips after school or whatever...im a teenager afterall :) I try to have fruit but I dont eat much...I guess theres my problem. Oh yea, really wanna start working out hardcore, like everyday, so please take that into account while giving my diet advice. thx.

So theres my plea. I hope you all have some ideas, I'm really tired of acne and all the problems it brings! I hate sleeping over at my friends cause my face always looks like **** the next day, and i avoid going out sometimes altogether just because of my face. But anywhoo---thanks a lot for any help. peace.