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Ok, My idea here is to write about my RetinA experience, and kind of like in a journal format from now on. I am hoping that anyone who has had experience with this product can write his experience down (also updates in journal form if you feel like). I think this will really help people who are using this product and also those who are thinking about using it. I think it'd be great also to share knowledge about how to use it/ in which combinations etc.

My background: 22 years, 2 months old; male. very soft skin.
I've started having pimples and stuff in maybe 10-11th grade i.e. when I was 17 maybe? I was on the swim team, so all that chlorine could've had something to do w/ it...but maybe it could also just be independent of what I was doing. It was all pretty mild (I think it always healed really fast back then leaving no mark at all after maybe 1 or 2 days) until I was about 21, when it got really bad. That's when I first went to a derm. and was prescribed benzaclin and retin-a. I used both for a bit, and they didn't really work I thought except make it worse maybe...i don't remember that clearly, but I quit. Then last fall I gave it a try again: I'm gonna write things in a time line format from then on:

Sep. 2003-dec.03:
start with just retin-A in the evening, eventually see improvements.

Dec. 2003-march04:
remain on retin-A and I'm using a spf15 lotion in the morning. result: very great, few zits etc. Note: it didn't seem to work on my nose and above my mouth so I quit using it there.

March 04: Moved from california (SF) to germany. Germany is cold as ****...then everything just went to hell again. So i began taking antioxidants in addition to retinA/spf15lotion. seemed to clear up, but not in my nose area...that became worse. So now i'm starting to put retinA on the nose...it's my day 3 in that respect...i want to write about my progress here.

Day 3 on nose:
pretty much breaking out on the nose...rest of the skin is fairly clean, but my nose is a mess...zits on both sides...the red kind that seem not to be progressing like usual zits (my nose is more oily so it could be that??). My normal zits go away in 48hrs...leaving a mark that fade in 1-4 weeks usually. this crap on my nose is there already for 4 days...seem not to change at all...it's red, but has no white/black head...but protrudes...on both sides...crap...

yeah...anyway...contribute your experience and we'll see about my progress...i'm sad...i don't ever remember having felt bad about my skin problems before (I'm wondering if the longer time duration of healing is due to my increasing age, the retina, the face cream...whatever?).