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I'm 30 and have acne since puberty. I've tried everything you can imagine and finally went to my doctor who prescribed differin gel and benzaclin. I also changed my face wash to cetaphil gentle clenser and with this trio, I've seen vast improvement in a little over two months. Instead of breakouts, I'm now wating for my red scars to fade!!

about the differin and benzaclin. when do you apply each? one in the morning and one at night, or together?
the reason i ask is that i just began using benzaclin and stopped using differin and was considering using them in combination.
Hi CraigTS,

I use the benzaclin in the morning and differin at night. Sometimes if I have a breakout, I'll apply some benzaclin to those areas after the differin gel. I've had really good results with this combo with minimal dry skin, but I do suggest applying a moisturizer w/ spf of 15 - the one I use is Pond's repenishing moisturizer lotion.