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Hi guys. I am new to the boards and I just had my first derm visit and I wanted to share a little bit, and ask a question or two.

I guess my acne is moderatly severe; it is constantly going from good to bad with cysts that are always coming and going. Anywho, I was put on two topicals: plexion and benzaclin. And was given doryx, which is some sort of antibiotic that I never really seen mentioned when viewing the boards.

My face is starting to look pretty good, so I am guessing the doryx is doing good. My only beef is that My face gets real dry when applying the benzaclin. I stopped using that so often, but i am still getting very dry in the face. My only questions are if anyone has took a method similar to mine for their acne, and if it would be okay to use a moisterizer. Thanks! :cool:
I use benzaclin and also apply a moisturizer and my face is clearing up nicely. Just make sure your moisturizer won't clog your pores.
I totally agree with jenna. keep up the use of benzaclin just make sure you always use a moisturiser with it.