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I use to have horrible acne and I was using Tetracycline combined with Benzaclin Gel in 2002 about 3 months before my eight grade graduation (I was 14 then) , and my skin was flawless on that day!!! I was so happy!!!! I was using for almost a year and a month and had eight to nine empty bottles of it. If I ate something I waited two hours before taking my medicine and if I took my medicine I waited an hour before eating something, those were my intructions.

When I stopped using it because I had to get Another prescription, I had got a new Doctor and he took me off of it because he said it was bad for my system. I've haven't had any other antibotics and have been using Retin-A micro since then. NOTHING I've used compared to my success with Tetracycline I could eat literally anything I wanted ( and I did!!!) and still had a clear complexion!!! No external side effects like my hair or anything because I wouldn't have braids right now, and had no problem with the sunlight because I went outside got a tan but I guess it might have been weakening my natural healing system if the doctor took me off of it slowly causing little internal damages . Never been completely clear since then.

I defintely recommend it but I'm not sure if it works for everyone but it's very strong and worked for me good luck!!!!!