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Hey all, I just started accutane today so I figured I'd start a little journal.

First my history:

I've had mild-moderate acne since grade 7 (im going into grade 12), and have tried Tetracycline (pill), Differin Gel (topical), Benzaclin (topical), some other topical i can't remember, and up untill recently, Minocin (stopped taking it 3 days ago). All this stuff has not worked for me, except the tetracycline, which cleared me up for only 3 months.

Finally, after my whole teenage life with acne, I'm taking accutane. I just took my first pill at lunchtime, and im pretty excited. Hopefully, the gods will smile on me and I'll have a succesfull accutane course with little side effects and HOPEFULLY no initial breakout...I want to be clear by the time school starts. I hear staying on the low 40mg dose keeps side effects fairly low with a smaller chance of initial outbreak? Thats what my derm says anyway. I've only seen her twice, so she may be a crackpot I dunno...Anyway, let the journal begin:

DAY 1: Took my first pill a few minutes ago...no side effects yet! :jester:
I do have a couple questions. One, what face moisturizure should I use, I hear it can get pretty dry. Is cetaphil enough? Normally i dont like cetaphil because it makes my face even oiler, but im hoping the accutane will take care of oil. Two, the best lip chap to use is called Aquaphor, right? Oh and also, would visine take care of dry eyes? This would give me an excuse to buy visine...anyone who knows what im talking about knows what im talking about ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading my intro entry, its kinda messy but I'll get it more organized for future posts.