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ok im 18 and well ive tried just about everything from laser(which im still doing once ever 2 weeks) to pills to creams. ive had moderate acne since about 9th grade....i just went to my derm today and he suggested accutane which ive been wanting 2 do..but i dont have insurance to cover any medications. and he said thats the one thing he wouldnt be able to write it under my sister's name(who was recently taking it) or my moms name. so what am i supossed to do?? its soooo expensive!! :confused: ive been on minocyline for about 2 months and it kinda stopped working, so ive had a pretty bad break out the past week or 2 and am really down on myself...i mean this acne thing has reallly really REALLY put my self-esteem to the bottom. i feel horrible about myself, am i alone out there???? so im gonna start getting anti bac peels once a week..he said that this should really help..and im crossing my fingers that this will solve my acne problem. has this helped anyone? like taken away acne for good? and about eating...what foods should i eat and stay away from? im hearing that cereals,milk products, breads, pastas, and bananas can cause acne. i do eat lots of these things so im deciding to change my eating habits. im desperate guys. ill take up all the advice i can get. im using neutrogena purpose wash and finacea some days duac some days and benzaclin some days. but my skin never appears to be flawless...i have super duper sensitive skin. so it gets red very easliy. please help!!