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Hey guys, I know you probably get so incredibly sick of answering these questions all the time, but I really need help.

Anyways, I'm now 15 and I've had acne on my face (nowhere else) since I was 12. It wasn't too bad right when I started to break out, but it slowly kept getting worse as I got older. Then around the time of my 14th birthday, my skin started getting really oily, which resulted in me breaking out a LOT more. I had never seen so many zits in my life. I couldn't believe it. I was always so upset by it too. Then a few months later I decided to use different products on my face. I started using the clinique acne products and my face cleared up within a month. Besides my overproduction of oil, my skin looked beautiful. I had no acne, and I didn't break out again for a long time. Then about 10 months later, I woke up one morning and my skin looked horrible. I was breaking out all over my forehead and also on my chin. Then I kept breaking out worse and worse, and I even started breaking out really bad on my back. It was disgusting, but I wasn't too worried, because I thought my clinique stuff would clear it right up. But instead, my face just kept getting worse. So I went to a derm and he prescribed me benzaclin. That didn't work, so then I was prescribed klaron and this roll on gel stuff. That also didn't work so he gave me this other gel that was supposed to be stronger. That just made my skin worse, so he gave me differin, and then this other moisturizer I applied all over my face. I guess that clogged my pores or something, because my skin looked worse than ever. So then I didn't like this derm so I went to another one. He gave me finacia and tazorac. The finacia irrated my skin so much and the tazorac, for some reason, made my skin greasy and made me break out more. So I went back to the dermatologist and he insisted that I try differin again because it was more gentle, and with that he gave me doryx (antibiotics). I was so excited, because I really thought antibiotics would help. Now its been a few months on doryx and my skin hasn't improved at all! I'm so upset, I can't even begin to tell you how sick it makes me. Seriously, what did I do to deserve this horrible skin. So anyways, I really want to try accutane, but my derm keeps telling me just to wait a little longer, and the doryx should start to work. Well, I've waited another month and my skin hasn't improved. I go back to the derm next week, so hopefully he will give me accutane. I am so desperate at this point and I am sick of waking up every morning and looking at my disgusting skin.

So my questions are:
Do you think it is unreasonable for me to want to take accutane?
Do you think that I'm being impatient?
Is accutane worth taking?
How BAD does your skin have to be to be prescribed accutane?
Is there anything else that is as effective as accutane?

I'm just so tired of having acne, and I really think accutane is the only thing that will work. Please respond! Thank you guys so much for your help!
My derm told me accutane is a very safe drug, especially if you are young like you are kta. I was on the drug twice. My pediatritian prescribed it to me both times(He had taken a class and had the stickers). My derm said I could go on again if I want. My acne is not as bad and instead I am trying tetracycline and benzaclin together. As long as you know the possible side effects and are watching for them, and you get your blood tested every month, you shou'ld be fine.
I feel your pain .. Myself as well have been dealing with acne since I was twelve (28 now) and it seems like its getting worse by the minute. I've tried everything that you could think of. Ive spent about 2000.00 on different products and Ive also spent about 650.00 going to a uppity Skinklinic in Newyork city on 5th Ave. I had a enzyme facial, Ive had glycolic treatment I had microdermabrasion, Ive was prescribed Benzaclin which costed an extra 95.00. My new Derm prescribed Benzamycin. What makes it so bad that I have the front desk in my office so im always the first thing people see. Its really hurtfull when people ask you all day what happened to your face. It seemed liked the more I try all these things the worse my face has gotten. They say it could be genetic (No One in my family has it but me!!!) Im just about ready to give up and try accutane but I hear its no good at all. If you do decide to use it please let me know . Best wishes on finding what works.
Just think of me as the bumpy faced newyorker. :confused: