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I am on generic Orthotricylcen, I started last Thurs along with 25mg of spiro a day. My face has not looked this good in years...and it's been just a week! I don't know when an initial breakout comes out for other people, but I have had a small pimple here and there that have gone away within a day. It really works! I have had acne since I was 14 and I'm 24, I always had big pimples on my face and now my face is glowing! I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser 2 a day, at night I use a microdermbasion (don't know if I spelled that right) cloth to cleanse. I use benzaclin in the morning and night, the cetaphil cleanser balances out the dryness of my skin. I also use the cetaphil moisturizer in the morning only after about 15 min of having the benzaclin on. My face is smooth now! I love it and my fiance has been complementing me every day! I have also lost 5 lbs (I think it has to do with the Spiro) because I always go to the restroom. I drink tons of water though. Side effects were so far (from the birth control) nauseau which hit me like the first day and then the 3rd day until yesteday, but now I feel good!! Spiro in a small dosage has really worked for me...and I know the birth control has helped too! :)
I had been on Yasmin awhile ago, my doctor suggested it because it has a low dosage...but I felt weird. I mean I can tolerate the nauseau here and there...but I felt really weird, like emotionally. When I got off of it, it all went away. But Yasmin does work for MANY people, just depends on your body chemistry. I was surprised the generic OTC hasn't affected me as bad because I am very sensitive with medication and Yasmin had a lower dosage. Every BC pill affects everyone different.
I want my face to be completely clear for my wedding day in March 05...so far it looks clear, but I do have red spots from the acne that has gone away. I know with time they will go away and maybe if I buy something that smooths it away. Any suggestions on that??