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I was just prescribed plexion, benzaclin and tazorac. I've only been using them for five days, but my skin is sooo dry and scaly now. I tried using my normal L'Oreal cream but it burned so badly that I had to wash it off immediately. I then tried using Cetaphil, but it burns also! Can anyone recommend a decent face moisturizer?
I used benzac which I think is similar to benzaclin? And it make my skin severely scaly so I had to stop using it. Tazorac is pretty much the most drying retinoid too.
For the past few days I've been taking less time to wash my face and then waiting about 20 minutes before putting on the cetaphil. That has helped with the burning sensation. I see the derm again in 3 weeks and I'll ask her about the combo. The Benzaclin has tremendously helped with forehead and chin breakouts. I don't really know that the tazorac is helping in any way.