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yeah i had pretty bad acne, then i was prescribed differin in the morning and benzaclin at night. two weeks later my face was completely clear, i was shocked, and i still use both to keep pimples from reappearing
I've been on Benzaclin for about 3 weeks now. I had moderate to severe hormonal acne (28-year old woman). I am also taking 100mg of minocin twice a day, with the Benzaclin twice a day, and Avita at night...whew! So with all that, the first week or so of treatment was more than interesting...like watching my face slowly crust up during the day, then scale off in sheets every evening. But really, the skin under all the peeling started looking better and better. After 3 weeks, my skin did adjust and my face isn't as tight, and I'm not molting as much. I can definitely see an improvement. Dare I say I'm down to "mild acne?" (Darn that pesky jawline) I'm hopeful that the next 3 weeks will bring continued improvement. I'm supposed to down the minocin dosage after a month, but I'll be sticking to the Benzaclin for awhile.

My advice, it's worth sticking with for awhile to see what happens. Get through the rough spots with moisturizer and lots of water! No harsh cleansers.

My question re: Benzaclin...My HMO didn't actually give me "Benzaclin," but gave me a tube of clyndamicin and a tube of b.peroxide and I have to mixy mixy myself. Apparently, "faking it" hasn't hurt me any, since my acne has shown improvement. Does anyone think I'd see even better results with the real deal? Thanks.