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I agree, I think all the hype on this post about BP is ridiculous. Many, MANY other products contain BP, not just Pro Activ. I've been using Benzaclin for almost a year, and it has done wonders for my skin, not made it worse.

Secondly, BP may decrease the elasticity in skin, but I HIGHLY doubt that it causes cancer. BP is not a known carginogen, and dermatologists would not be prescribing it if it were. DBP drying out skin does not cause cancer. The sun drying out skin does not cause cancer... UV rays cause cancer, so don't go out in the sun. Going out in the sun using BP is worse, but wear sunscreen or a hat.

Lastly, to anyone out there who has doubts about BP should see a doctor. It is much more reliable than reading the rantings off a message board - No offense to who started this post, I'm sure you have the best intentions.
BP DOES NOT CAUSE SKIN CANCER. Correlation does not infer causality. Studies also correlate tanning body oil to skin cancer... why? Because the oil intrinsically causes cancer? Or maybe because people that use body oil bake outside in the sun... People, if you use medications, don't go out in the sun. Problem solved, no skin cancer.

My dermatologist is a very nice lady, and I don't believe that she would do anything "just to make money". She has no benefit from writing me a prescription for Benzaclin. She doesn't get any money, she just wants to help. You obviously have a paranoia about doctors, which is fine, but I'm putting in my two cents so you don't scare off people that could genuinely benefit from what prescriptions have to offer.

I'm not saying your internet source has any reason to make up lies, but maybe talking to a dermatologist IN PERSON, or using sources OUTSIDE of the internet may give you a more broader perspective about BP. You can be as nice as you want offering us this information, but if you don't put out more than rantings, internet opinions, and paranoia of doctors, how are any of us supposed to belive it?