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I'm 28 right now...so I guess I took it when I was 24 or 25. I'm not sure about all the hormone stuff. The odd thing is I never broke out when I was in my teens. Not even one pimple. I started breaking out when I left home for college. It got progressively worse as the years went by until I finally decided to do something about it. Sure wish I would have started it right from the get go. To be honest, I've never even heard of Accutane until one friend suggested I go to a Dermatologist.

Johnsmith007- Yes, I've heard and read on here also that some people do not respond or respond as well to Accutane than others. That was one of the reasons that I almost did not go on Accutane the first time. But I figure what the heck, even if it doesn't work, I gave it my best shot. These are the products I've tried in the past:

All over the counter stuff, anything you can name I've probably bought.
Obagi Products
Dermalogica Products
Facial people who pops all your zits with this stick that has a loop at the end (very painful)
And finally this time, before Accutane Round 2, 5 Smoothbeam treatments.

The first time I went for Accutane although I had alot of doubts from reading these boards, I was assured by my dermatologist that it WILL work. But I kept asking him "Are you sure?" because I've heard differently. You know what his response was?
Are they the doctors or am I the doctor? I'm telling you it WILL work but if you're scared then don't do it. I decided to do it.