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I'm a male who is gonna turn 18 next week. I got mild acne when I was in my late 10s (only blackheads and whiteheads) and it went away when I was turning 13. With 14 my acne came back and in my 15s I got a lot of pimples no cysts though so not a severe case. I been on benzaclin since I was 16, on and off a few times and when I turned 17 I got a lot of small pimples on my back and been using Differin on my back. My back has been completely clean for months and my face looks already a lot better then before! People say my acne is almost unnoticable. I was wondering is it really my age that's helping me out or is it benzaclin, even though I know it can't work as good as it did in the beginning because in the beginning my face didn't brake out at all and was dry and peeled. Now it's oily as usual and I do brake out but little I must say. If my acne won't be gone by the time I'll be in my late 18s, should I go for accutane because I want to start acting and I don't want to stuff there. And as for family, everybody in my family grew out of it. My mom had it extremely mild, my father had even more then me he said but when he was in his 18s, he was clean and everybody I know in my family was also completely clean by 18 or 19.
If you've gotten to 18 without taking oral antibiotics and just using benzaclin you have done very very well. My son got away with just benzaclin for many years. He's out of the country right now and just turned 19 but the last time I saw him he was clear. I think he's growing out of it on his own. You might want to try an oral antibiotic if it's bothering you that much. Most derms will not prescribe accutane if you've not been on at least two antibiotics that have since quit working. I'm going through accutane right now with my daughter and it's not fun. You really should be at the point of desperation before going on it IMO.