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Hi again. How much is the kit? Her prices are pretty reasonable, in my opinion - no more than alot of the stuff you find in the drug stores. I didn't buy mine in a kit, though, I got them seperatly at different times starting out with just one or two things at first to see if I liked/tolerated them (I cna't remember which I started with - probably the BP). I use the products for normal/oily or combo skin, cause I do indeed have combo skin, lol. Is your skin more on the dry side naturally? By naturally I mean is it oily if you're not using products on it like BP which dry out the skin? If your skin is oily then use the products for normal/oily/combo skin.

I use jojoba oil (not a PC product) to moisturize at night, which I love and which works well, but it's a bit too oily for daytime use under makeup so right now I just use her sunscreen during the day, which works fine. I might try out her moisturizers in the winter tho, cause I'm not sure the sunscreen alone will be enough.

I have tried other brands of products (drugstore stuff as well as prescriptions like differin & benzaclin), and they usually irritated my skin, especially the BP. I am 40 now, with combo skin and mild/moderate acne. When I started using Paulas products my face was a mess from using other stuff. It was red and irritated, with dry flakey patches and my acne was not getting any better either. Plus the dryness & flakiness was making me look old! It took a few months to start noticing results, but now my skin has an even tone, it's not dried out anymore or flakey, and I only get a zit every now and again - nothing like before.

If you're worried about wasting money then why not just try one or two things - things that you use now such as the BP and/or the BHA and see if you like it and if it reduces the irritation. Then move onto other products from there if you're satisfied. I recommend getting the weakest percentage of the solutions and if they don't do the job then move on to the stronger. But ususally the weaker of the 2 works well and would cause the least irritation, especially if you're acne isn't too bad. The BHA would probably help with the flakiness too since it's an exfoliant. Jojoba would help with that too.